Crux Capital Management
1. The most important, central, or essential point of a matter, problem or argument; a turning point.
2. Something of a puzzling or perplexing nature.
3. The most difficult and often decisive part of a climb.

4. Crux, the Southern Cross, a small modern constellation, but is one of the most distinctive.

Crux Capital Management is a boutique asset management company.

We have an owner-manager based structure and outlook, with fund managers having their own capital invested in the fund.

In the interests of scrupulous corporate governance and transparency, and to enable us to concentrate on investing, we have outsourced most ancillary functions. We have leading independent service providers for administration, compliance, auditing, legal services, prime broking and custody, accounting and information technology.

The fund's objective is to maximise returns over the long term.

The fund is suitable for investors seeking to grow their wealth over the long term and who are tolerant of equity-like volatility in the short term.

The fund’s assets are held safe and segregated from all other assets at its custodian bank, ABSA.

The fund is designed to build and preserve wealth, and its performance benchmark is cash. While it has a SA equity bias, the fund is agnostic of other benchmarks in the sense that it does not aim to track the performance of the major asset classes it is invested in and may therefore deviate materially from these individual benchmarks.

The fund is managed by Franco Busetti. A rigorous investment process is used, based on many years' investment experience and the numerous strategies refined over this period. Our approach is eclectic but with a very fundamental bias, both in stockpicking and at the macro level. This approach helps us to remain emotionally dispassionate and to have the intellectual courage to exploit the extreme swings in sentiment which provide the greatest opportunities. While inclined towards long-term value investing, we are pragmatic investors and may adopt different styles and strategies under different conditions. We also use momentum to improve the timing of our value decisions.